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Core Maths is a level 3 maths qualification which is equivalent in size to an AS level and is aimed at students who aren’t taking AS/A level Mathematics. Here are ten reasons your school should consider teaching Core Maths:

  1. Gives all students the chance to study contextual maths post-16.
  2. Puts students on an even playing field with students from other countries where post-16 maths is often compulsory.
  3. Better earning potential: “Higher levels of achievement in mathematics are associated with higher earnings for individuals.” (as referenced in the 16 to 19 Study programmes: guidance 2021-2022 academic year.)
  4. Improved employability: “Many employers are looking for applicants with advanced mathematical and quantitative skills.” (as referenced in the 16 to 19 Study programmes: guidance 2021-2022 academic year.) The amount of data we use daily continues to increase and jobs of the future will reflect this.
  5. Personal finance skills: students will learn about subjects such as student loans, mortgages, and payslips which will help to prepare them for work and/or university.
  6. Supports other A levels: particularly those with maths content such as geography, biology, psychology, and business.
  7. Increases UCAS points: it’s equivalent in tariff to an AS level.
  8. Fantastic free support from the AMSP: Core Maths resources and professional development.
  9. Preparation for university: Core Maths cevelops students’ quantitative and problem-solving skills which is valuable preparation for many degree courses. A lack of confidence and anxiety about maths and statistics are problems for many university students, and many have done little or no maths pre-university for at least two years.
  10. Possible financial benefits for your school.

If you’re new to Core Maths, experienced in teaching Core Maths, or considering or curious about Core Maths, we have an opportunity that may suit you. If you’d be interested in joining a local Core Maths Teacher Network for the London and South East region to find out more about Core Maths, connect with schools who are using the same awarding body for Core Maths, share ideas and good practice, and provide mutual support, then please get in touch with me ([email protected]).

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