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A set of ten enrichment activities for Year 10 students are available on the AMSP website. These resources are designed to take students beyond the curriculum and enable them to experience some interesting and fun applications of maths. Each activity contains a student file and a teacher file, and students are able to give feedback to you throughout. Topics include a Financial Skills task for My Money Week and Measuring Space for Women in Engineering Day. I enjoyed working on the Plan a festival task where students complete a fully interactive activity in which they plan a music festival, including the festival site, booking acts and fencing.

Also be sure to keep an eye on the Year 11 transition materials. For the Transition to A level Mathematics section, there are many materials already available, as well as an online course that will be launched in July. There is also an online course available for students looking to do other mathematical subjects and/or Level 3 Core Maths. Each section contains learning activities, topic assessments and worksheets. I worked on the Estimation and Accuracy section, where students get to use their skills to estimate the volume of Wembley Stadium. A summary of the support available can be found on the AMSP website.

By Andrew Birch

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