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Our Further Mathematics professional development and networking conferences are now open for bookings. These one-day events are ideal for those currently teaching AS/A level Further Mathematics, or for those who expect to do so in the near future. The conferences are free of charge, and will delve into the teaching of AS/A level Further Mathematics.

Delegates will obtain engaging ways of presenting topics in the classroom, and support will be offered for the challenge of sustaining AS/A level Further Mathematics. Our Further Mathematics Conferences can be personalised to each teacher’s specific needs thanks to the optional sessions available on the day, which include:

  • Offering Further Mathematics
  • The maths in university admissions tests
  • Student use of technology for studying matrices (Pure)
  • Centre of mass: From balancing to sliding and toppling (Mechanics).

The content covered will be relevant to all of the Further Mathematics specifications. Both first time and returning delegates are welcome, as each year offers something new.

The conferences are taking place next February and March in Leeds, Birmingham and London. You can browse conference dates and view more information on our website.

Schools and colleges located within a Priority Area are eligible to receive a subsidy of £250 to contribute towards costs related to attendance. Please visit our subsidies page for more information.

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