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Most areas in the East Midlands region have a Teacher Network. These are groups supported by the AMSP who meet, usually once a term, to discuss level 3 maths. The meetings are usually in a twilight slot, or occasionally an afternoon. They are less formal than a professional development session, and may have many varied items on the agenda or a single focus.

Current Teacher Networks are running in:

  • Derby
  • North Notts
  • North Lincs (Scunthorpe)
  • and Northamptonshire.

So far this year, topics have included:

  • a close look at the Summer 2019 A level papers and a discussion about how to prepare for this summer
  • a school leading a session on their experiences of beginning Core Maths
  • looking at practical approaches to Mechanics.

Another longer full afternoon session is planned on modelling in Statistics.

A list of Teacher Networks is available on the AMSP website. Individual sessions are usually advertised on the AMSP events page, but those led by schools may not always be displayed. If in doubt, please ensure that you contact your local Area Coordinator who can keep you informed. 

By Caroline Wilson

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