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Kent and Medway teacher network meetings

Teacher Networks are funded by the AMSP to allow teachers of GCSE, A Level and Core Maths to meet, collaborate and engage in professional development.

In Kent and Medway, the three Teacher Networks that you would normally choose from (North Kent, Canterbury, and a new network to be established in Mid/West Kent) have been combined into a single Kent and Medway Teacher Network, and have also moved online. My intention is to provide the opportunity for you to attend approximately nine meetings per year, and I would be delighted if some of you were able to email me a list of any topics that we could cover that would be of interest to you.

On Tuesday 13 October 2020, we tried a new approach to network meetings where teachers were invited to explain, discuss and evaluate strategies that their schools had implemented, or were thinking of implementing, to ensure that students made good progress this academic year. Teachers that attended the meeting found this a valuable exercise, and I am planning to run something similar in the new year. It is likely that we will choose a topic from GCSE or A level that is difficult to teach, and afford teachers the opportunity to discuss pedagogical approaches to delivering this topic successfully.

Another two teacher network meetings will take place between now and the end of 2020:

I would be delighted to welcome you to either or both of these meetings.

London teacher network meetings

Teacher Networks for the London region are in the process of being planned, and a couple of events have already taken place. Please look out for when the next meeting is for your region on our events page.

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