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This KS4 Enrichment day was attended by about 60 students and their teachers from Hull and the surrounding area. Workshop sessions ‘The Maths of the Rubik’s Cube’, ‘Can Maths really save your life?‘, ’Fun Maths roadshow problems’ and the final talk ‘Why do we want to do Maths?’ engaged the students. The lunchtime quiz was well answered with prizes for the very best.

Teachers’ comments about the most valuable part of the day included:

  • Explanations in workshop sessions and enjoyment of Maths
  • Pupils enjoyed the Fun Maths groupwork
  • Rubik’s cube session was excellent – hands on, new content
  • Lecture was interesting and good insight into what Uni is like
  • Pupils enjoyed and engaged with the ‘Can Maths really save your life?’ workshop.

The next Taking Maths Further day in the region will take place on 10 July 2020 in York. Don’t miss out!

By Jean Smith

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