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The Online Courses for the MAT and TMUA for Year 13 students run across the region have now drawn to a close. Each class met weekly from 16:00 to 18:00 for the first two months of the academic year and explored a range of mathematical problems at the difficulty level of the MAT and TMUA, with each of the seven sessions split into topics such as Integers, Sequences and Series, and Coordinate Geometry and Trigonometry.

 Example problem:

The angle in the two sectors is π/6

What is the ratio of green : pink?

Classes ran on an interactive platform with the capacity for students to use chat boxes, write-on screens, microphones, and multiple-choice polls. Students have worked in breakout rooms collaborating on questions in small groups with support from an AMSP tutor. Students engaged with questions both independently and then collaboratively, and it was great to hear students helping others with their understanding and articulating their reasoning on complex problems. The course was also excellent practice for university subject interviews, giving students the opportunity to talk through their individual thought process when tackling unfamiliar problems, with the final session focused specifically on deepening this experience.

 We will be running further Year 13 classes online starting in January:

Our higher-level problem-solving classes, both online and in person depending on location, for Year 12 students have already started in some locations but we would welcome anyone still wishing to sign up. These classes provide an excellent opportunity for students to expand on their mathematical problem solving and reasoning skills beyond the standard curriculum. This should be of particular interest to those considering university applications that require an entrance test next academic year, but we welcome applications from any Year 12 student wanting to explore a higher level of mathematics.

 Classes that have already started:

 Starting soon:

By Charlotte Reidy

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