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Tom Carpenter, AC for South Warwickshire and South Birmingham

With the increasing number of schools, colleges and students engaging with the Level 3 Core Maths qualification, the AMSP in the West Midlands held its first Birmingham Core Maths workshop of the year on 22nd November.

The workshop provided teachers with an opportunity to network and discuss with other teachers of Core Maths, and receive information about the qualification. With Mathematical Modelling as a theme for the day, teachers engaged with three areas of teaching:

  • Best practice of delivering mathematical modelling in the Core Maths classroom, which included modelling for themselves how drug concentration decays over time.
  • Collaborative planning of some activities to use in the classroom – seasonal examples including modelling of penguin populations and volumes of road grit.
  • Marking of student work, given that opened modelling questions can lead to a variety of methods and solutions. Thanks to the five teachers who provided a variety of student responses.

The next workshop will take place on 7 March and will include looking at Critical Analysis content, resources and guidance, analysing pre-release examination materials and engaging in some collaborative planning. You can register by following this link. Thanks to the Central Maths Hub for their ongoing support.

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