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The most important reason to offer Further Mathematics is to help your students realise their aspirations. It is particularly valuable for students who intend to take a degree with a high level of mathematical content, such as Maths, Science, Engineering, Computer Science, or Economics, and can support admission to these courses at some more selective universities. Further Mathematics is an essential requirement for Mathematics courses at many leading universities.

  • Do you currently offer Further Maths A Level?
  • Are you considering offering Further Maths next year and needing advice/support?
  • Are you keen to increase participation in Further Maths?
  • Would teachers in your department like to feel more confident in teaching Further Maths?

The AMSP can provide you with a range of support to help you introduce and establish your Further Maths provision. From providing CPD for teachers, resources to support with teaching and learning, and promotional materials to share with prospective students and their parents/carers.

The government has introduced several funding incentives to support and increase participation in level 3 Maths qualifications, so increasing numbers of students taking Further Maths may results in your school receiving additional funding. Further details about 16 – 19 funding can be found here.

If your school is currently unable to offer Further Mathematics then your local AMSP Area Coordinator can arrange Live online tuition for your students. Details can be found here.

If you have any questions about Further Maths and how to increase participation in your school or college please look here and contact your local Area Coordinator.

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