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Ria Symonds, AC for Derbyshire, Nottingham and Nottinghamshire

Last term saw another successful round of Maths Feasts in the East Midlands. Similar to our Senior Team Maths Challenge, this event welcomes pupils in teams of four to battle against the clock (and each other) in answering challenging but fun maths problems.

There are several ‘courses’ to the Feast, each testing a different maths and problem-solving skill. In the first course (the ‘Starter’), students worked on individual problems for several minutes, before passing their sheets round to the next member. This process was repeated four times, at which point they could collaborate on any problems.

The third round (the ‘Dessert’) was based on “Play Your Cards Right”, meaning teams worked collaboratively to decide whether the answer to each maths problem was higher or lower than the one before.

Some examples of Maths Feast questions:

  • “Two thirds of a number is 15.2 . What is three quarters of the original number?”
  • “In how many different ways can the letters AMSP be rearranged?”

Feedback from all our Maths Feasts were unanimously positive. If you would like to take part in our next round of events in Spring 2020 then please contact your local Area Coordinator or check for events by visiting the AMSP events listing.

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