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Alexandra Hewitt, AC for Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

All over the country, Year 10 students have been busy solving problems against the clock! In the South region, Maths Feasts have been held from Wheatley and Waterlooville to Watlington and the Isle of Wight. 

We can’t divulge too much detail for risk of spoiling the challenge (there’s a few Feasts still to be held), but suffice to say that the “starter” had students going round in circles, addressing a huge range of maths problems; the main course served up the tried-and-tested comprehension round, which involves taking in a large amount of information and applying it to problems; and the dessert was very sweet with a lot of high scores! Each round had a different structure and required the students to work together in different ways.

There were prizes for each round, for overall high-scorers who missed out on a round-prize, and for exceptionally good team work, meaning there were many opportunities for the teams to shine. Many thanks to our team of Associates who served up the delectable fare.

If this makes you feel hungry for some maths and you missed the Feasts, you can appease your appetite by organising a ‘Summer Snacks’ event. The materials will be available for use in-school after all the Feasts are completed at the end of this term. Contact your local Area Coordinator for ideas on how to set it up – and if you’re very lucky, perhaps an Associate to come and lead it for you!

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