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Ian Clarke, AC for Norfolk

Weekly STEP-preparation lessons have been taking place with Professor Paul Hammerton at the University of East Anglia, attended by Year 13 students from local schools. For two hours each week, students have been shown how to extend what they have been studying in A level Further Mathematics lessons to tackle challenging STEP questions. They have looked at multinomial coefficients, proved the logical equivalence of the principle of mathematical induction and the well-ordering principle, proved plenty of identities related to binomial coefficients and to numbers in the Fibonacci sequence, developed their integration skills and sketched lots of exotic curves!

While most students attending the preparation lessons are intending to take STEP, some are just doing the course for fun, recognising a great opportunity to hone their maths skills. Whatever their motivation, the courses are giving students an outlet to express themselves through maths, and the opportunity to experience the flavour of maths at a university level. Moreover, the lessons have given students the chance to meet like-minded individuals from other local schools.

An excellent introduction to problem solving can be had by coming to the UEA on the 1st July, with more details to follow. Keep an eye on our events listing for more information!

The courses will be running again next year. If any sixth-formers want to join us, please contact Ian Clarke by email.

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