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Valerija Peles, AC for Whitby and Scarborough

Maths Feasts have been taking place all across the country since early 2019. The competition at Scarborough TEC was particularly lively this year, with 15 teams participating. Schools from Whitby, Scarborough and Malton entered their teams of Year 10 students to tackle this year’s menu of mathematical activities!

Eskdale School was the highest scoring school, followed by Scalby and St. Augustine, although there were prizes for Caedmon College, Scarborough UTC, George Pindar, Scarborough College and Malton for excellent teamwork and victory in the individual rounds.

Students, teachers and AMSP staff surely enjoyed the day and some schools showed enthusiasm to repeat the competition in their own school with the rest of the Year 10 cohort.

Well done schools of the North Yorkshire Coast!

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