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Teachers from across Berkshire met for a Teacher Network Meeting in February to discuss the teaching of mathematical language in the classroom. 

This session was led by Tor Baikie, the A-Level Pedagogy Work Group lead for the Mobius Maths Hub. There was lively discussion from all the participating teachers as we explored the benefits and challenges of encouraging students to use correct mathematical terminology in the classroom and in their written work. The session aimed to support our A-Level mathematics students, but many of the ideas also apply to KS3 and KS4.  

“Some students struggle because sometimes it’s like learning another language” – Mrs C, Head of Mathematics. 

Using the correct mathematical terminology has many benefits. As mathematicians, we may appreciate the clarity and succinctness. For students, it allows complete comprehension of the material and aids the identification of links between topics. It also forms part of a well-rounded mathematical education. For EAL students, the need for clarity is even stronger. 

After a brief presentation from Tor, there was an entertaining set of practical activities as we explored some resources and activities for consolidating mathematical vocabulary with students. This included mathematical games of ‘Taboo’, Forbidden Words, The Alphabet Game, Last Person Standing and a Good Words Leaderboard. Participants now have a toolkit of strategies to enable them to incorporate quick-fire vocabulary revision into their lessons.  

Our participating teachers select the themes of our teacher network meetings, and you can find details of our future in-person and online network meetings on our website.  

Catherine Joyce 

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