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As the new academic year is beginning to hit its stride, our Teacher Networks in the South West have begun to meet up. In the Exeter and Bridgwater Teacher Networks, our initial meetings of the year have provided an opportunity for teachers of A level Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Core Maths to discuss and review last summer’s examinations; as a result they’ve explores how best to move forward in terms of what needs to happen this year in the Level 3 maths classroom. With the new A levels in Mathematics and Further Mathematics having had their first full outing this summer and Core Maths assessments still developing each year it was useful for teachers to have a chance to share their thoughts and experiences with fellow colleagues from other schools and colleges. Additionally, some of us at the Advanced Maths Support Programme have been able to meet with representatives from the various Awarding Organisations and so it was possible to pass on feedback provided by their examination officers on all three courses, with feedback on specific and general areas of weakness being offered.

Whilst Teacher Networks will always have a specific focus, they tend to be relatively informal gatherings and there will usually be scope for attendees to raise their own items for discussion. Network meetings tend to be in the region of one and a half to two hours long, are generally held three or four times a year and with ten Teacher Networks currently running in the South West region there should be one relatively close to you.

If you can’t find one in your area, do not hesitate to get in touch with your local Area Coordinator.

By Tom Rainbow

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