Visualising the Climate Crisis

The AMSP has created resources which raise awareness of the impact of fast fashion on the climate.

The resources

There are four different versions of the resource. Each comes with a presentation, teacher notes and a worksheet.


Aimed at Year 5-8

Accessible to all levels.



Aimed at GCSE Resit, Functional Skills and Foundation GCSE

Accessible to all levels.



Aimed at Years 8-11

Involves estimating,volumes and more unit conversions.



Aimed at Years 9–13

Similar to C but with less structure.


Once you have tried the resource with your class, you could then offer students the opportunity to create their own visualisation based on their calculations.

Getting started

For inspiration, you can explore Mona Chalabi’s workOpens a new window.

Find out how University of Oxford tutor, Tom CrawfordOpens a new window, works out the environmental impact of the UK’s compulsion to buy an annual Christmas Jumper and what you might do instead. Compare your method with Tom’s.

These resources were designed as part of the AMSP's support for Maths Week EnglandOpens a new window.