Supporting students' transition to degree study

Students in Year 13 may not have had the usual A level experience and might need some additional support to consolidate their A level Maths knowledge and skills in order to feel confident in progressing to STEM and related subjects at university. We have gathered together resources and support provided by the AMSP to support students, including a new course for Year 13 students preparing for Higher Education and also support for Year 12 students.

Support for Year 13 students

Our new Preparation for Higher Education free online course allows students to study at their own pace to consolidate key A level topics. It also introduces some new topics that will be valuable additional study in preparation for undergraduate degree courses in these areas.

Preparation for Higher Education course

Who is this support for?

This course is designed for students who are:

  • currently in Year 13 or taking a gap year
  • studying A level Mathematics
  • planning to begin studying a degree in maths, engineering, sciences or closely related subjects such as economics in 2021 (or choosing to defer their entry until 2022)

What is it?

This is a free online course, designed to help students revise some of the later content of A level Mathematics. It offers the opportunity for an introduction to some topics studied in AS Further Mathematics, such as complex numbers and matrices, which will be helpful to those progressing to degrees in maths, physics, engineering and closely related subjects.

The course includes presentations, notes, exercises, other self-study resources and formative assessments for each topic so that students can check their progress and understanding.

How is it designed to be used?

The course is designed to allow students the flexibility to opt into the most relevant topic areas for their chosen undergraduate degree course, but of course we encourage students to study all of the topics!

How do we access it?

Students can view more detail about the course content and sign up for the course for free on the Integral websiteOpens a new window.

The course will begin week commencing 28 June 2021, with resources released weekly over a six-week period.

The sessions will be recorded and students can continue to sign up for access throughout the summer.

Support for Year 12 students

The AMSP offers support for Year 12 students to raise their awareness of the requirements of university admission and supports them with developing their mathematical problem-solving skills and in preparing for university admissions tests.

Problem Solving Matters

Who is this support for?

The course is designed for any Year 12 A level Mathematics students who wish to apply for a university that requires or accepts the MAT or TMUA admissions tests, such as Oxford University, Imperial College, Durham University and Warwick University.

What is it?

A series of online sessions designed to prepare students for the way they will have to think to achieve success in the MAT, TMUA and other problem-solving maths examinations. The sessions will be a combination of live lectures and mentor workshops. Students will also be able to access videos, questions, hints and online support.

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Regular Problem Solving Classes

Who is this support for?

The course is designed for any Year 12 A level Mathematics students who wish to develop their problem-solving ability and prepare for university admissions tests, such as the MAT, TMUA and STEP examinations.

What is it?

A series of locally-organised maths problem-solving sessions designed to give students the confidence to apply for university courses that require, or take into consideration, achievement in an admissions test.

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