Online Enrichment Event recordings

The AMSP has been running interactive live Online Enrichment Events at different times of the week to try to coincide with lessons, as we know that attending sessions live is best! However, attending these events live isn’t always possible so we've recorded shows that we're no longer running and will continue to offer these recordings on this webpage.

We've tried to provide opportunities for interactivity in the recordings where possible. The teacher notes which accompany each recording provide additional information to support your classes and ideas for using the recording.

Each recording should fit into an hour-long lesson and it's likely that you'll want to pause the recording at different times to allow your students to work on the task provided, therefore the initial running time is not indicative of the total time for each session. The level of maths does not exceed GCSE and uses it in a novel and engaging context.

Are you psychic?

Resources needed: paper, pen, calculators may be useful and either student access an online device or a set of symbol cards printed out

Topics covered: Probability

This event will draw on your students' knowledge of probability, along with their reasoning, problem-solving and communication skills, to make decisions based on statistics about their psychic ability!

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Making a Million

Resources needed: paper, pen and access to a scientific calculator

Topics covered: Percentages

This event builds on your students’ knowledge of percentages which we develop into the basics of exponentials and logs, combined with their reasoning and problem-solving skills, to provide the opportunity to evaluate investment strategies and determine if they really can make £1,000,000!

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How much is too much?

Resources needed: dice, paper, pen

Topics covered: probability, modelling

This event introduces students to the game of ‘Pig’ in which players score using a die and decide when to roll and when to ‘bank’ their score. It explores the maths used to work out the optimal strategy and discusses when this might not be the best way to play!

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Race to the target!

Resources needed: paper, pen (counters may be useful), ideally students will have access to their own electronic device

Topics covered: number relationships, modelling

This event introduces students to the family of games of NIM and supports them in discovering strategies to win in different situations.

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