International Day of Mathematics

The International Day of Mathematics takes place annually on 14 March. These activities are designed around the IDM's theme of “Maths for a Better World”. With Easter following shortly after the event, the activities for this year are themed around sustainable chocolate consumption. The resources look at particular parts of the chocolate industry and have different tasks for you to choose from.

How to use the activities

The resources have been designed with flexibility, so you can use all or part of the activities to meet your needs. You might like to use them with your class in one lesson, as an extended homework or with an enrichment class. 

Fairtrade Chocolate

Aimed at Years 6-9

Covers topics including proportional reasoning, percentages and graphs.


Comparing Chocolate

Aimed at Years 8-11

Covers topics including proportional reasoning, surface area and scatter graphs.


The Journey of Cocoa

Aimed at Years 10-13

Covers topics including two way tables, averages and comparing data, and can be extended to the transportation problem through Decision Maths.


Going further:

You might like to explore the ideas with other food stuffs or industries. You could also use these activities for Fairtrade Fortnight.