Supporting students studying Core Maths

The AMSP aims to increase the number of students studying level 3 Core Maths and provides support for teachers and students of Core Maths in a range of ways:

  • supporting students, through freely available resources on the Core Maths Platform
  • supporting teachers with an extensive professional development offer;
  • providing advice and local support through the national network of Area Coordinators.

The Core Maths Platform

What is it?

The Core Maths platform is a comprehensive collection of online learning resources developed to support the teaching of Core Maths.

The resources are organised into six courses for different Core Maths qualifications:

  • AQA Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies 2A
  • AQA Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies 2B
  • AQA Level 3 Certificate Mathematical Studies 2C
  • Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics in Context
  • OCR Level 3 Certificate in Core Maths A (MEI)
  • OCR Level 3 Certificate in Core Maths B (MEI)

A guide detailing which of the resources are suitable for the NCFE Level 3 Certificate in Mathematics for Everyday Life qualification has been produced.

How can the Core Maths Platform support learning recovery?

  • Underpinning concepts from GCSE are revisited and applied to realistic contexts.
  • Interactive study packages allow students to work through concepts at their own pace.
  • Automatically marked section tests allow teachers to track students’ progress.

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How do I access these resources?

Teachers in AMSP-registered schools/colleges can access the Core Maths Platform using your school/college’s shared Integral account. If your school/college is not registered with the AMSP yet, you can register now for free.

Please contact [email protected] if you have any queries.

Professional development

AMSP professional development opportunities have been adapted for online participation.

Improving your subject knowledge

Core Maths Common Topics

Live Online Professional Development designed to improve or refresh your knowledge of the topics common to all Core Maths specifications.

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Core Maths top-ups

On-demand study designed to complement the Core Maths Common Topics course and provide comprehensive coverage of the range of topics in all Core Maths specifications

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Improving your teaching

Core Maths Festival

An extensive series of interactive workshops, each designed to enthuse, challenge and enlighten you around a theme related to Core Maths.

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Core Maths Specification Networks

Discuss and share your experiences and develop your practice around the teaching of Core Maths with teachers who are following the same specification as you.

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