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We moved our summer meeting of the Redbridge Teachers Network to an online environment. During this meeting, we continued with the opportunity to share best practice and focused on online resources that teachers had been finding useful. We were also joined by Jess Barnecutt and Josh Bignell from Oaklands School in Tower Hamlets.

Jess and Josh were kind enough to lead us through a scheme of work designed to introduce KS3 and KS4 students to the large data sets, by considering the ‘Maths of Migration’. During the meeting, Jess and Josh shared their experience of what has worked and the lessons they have learnt from using this project with their students. As well as being a great cross-curricular project, it was suggested that this is a project that would lend itself to distance learning, and may be a great project of work for Year 11 students who will be transitioning to A level Mathematics in September. The resources for the ‘Maths of Migration’ project can be viewed online. We are planning to repeat this network meeting at the end of April. Please contact James Morris if you would be interested in attending.

Due to school and college closures, the AMSP is not currently offering face-to-face professional development, but a wealth of online professional development is available. We hope that by moving Teacher Networks online, we are able to provide further networking opportunities during this period. Keep an eye on your emails, Twitter and the AMSP website for details of future Teacher Networks.

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