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At the 2019 MEI Conference, Jo Sibley presented a session introducing her #6Concepts project. The project looked at the issues and challenges in coping with increased class sizes and the increase in ability range of students starting Year 12. It reflected on the difficulties in managing the transition from GCSE to A level for students and the wide variation in success levels in Year 12 A level Mathematics, and the resulting problem of poor progression into Year 13.

In 2021, the current Year 11 cohort have had a very challenging time in KS4, because of all the circumstances created by the pandemic. How can we best support those students as they prepare for their A level studies? What expectations do we have of A level students? What crucial techniques from KS3 and KS4 are fundamental requirements for a good start in A level Mathematics?

Jo will discuss her #6Concepts project at the Keele Teacher Network on Tuesday 17 June 2021 at 4pm. The Teacher Network will offer the opportunity for participants to contribute their thoughts, experiences and suggestions for supporting the current Year 11 students in the coming months as they prepare for their A level studies. It would be great to see you and hear your thoughts about this important issue.

The AMSP have produced some excellent resources to support students in the transition from Year 11 GCSE Maths to A-level. The resources focus on key skills that will be used across the whole spectrum of AS and A level Mathematics. Each section includes skills checks, a chance to practise and explore, and some extra ideas to investigate further. There are six sets of resources, and each set should provide about three hours of work.

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