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Glyn Evans, Regional Lead for the North East

I’m excited to announce that I’ll be delivering a one-day Raising Confidence with Technology course with Jeremy Dawson, a fellow Area Coordinator in North East. The day will take place on Thursday 11th July at the Sjovoll Centre in Durham. This course is aimed at teachers of GCSE Mathematics who have little or no experience of using technology in the classroom. We hope to show you just how easy it can be to access and make use of software such as GeoGebra, and just how much it could add to your student’s skills and understanding of mathematics.

Technology can be daunting, and this course is focused on helping teachers overcome any fears they may have or other obstacles there may be to its use. Attendees with be amongst a group of similarly experienced teachers and we’ll work together to explore the potential of technology in the classroom, assisted and supported by myself and Jeremy.

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