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Our Quick Maths magazine is a free digital magazine for GCSE students.

We have two issues of the magazine, one for Year 10 students and one for Year 11. Each issue contains important topics, from revision to maths anxiety. Below, you will find links to all available issues ready for download.

Year 10 issue

In this issue of Quick Maths for Year 10 students, we will be looking to answer the question: What do I want to be when I grow up? And what do you do if you feel you’ll never be good enough?

Your students will learn about ‘Maths Anxiety’, hear from students about their experiences of post-16 maths, and more in this issue of Quick Maths.

We recommend giving Year 10 students this issue either in May or after the last half-term break as they start preparing for Year 11.

Year 11 issue

In this issue of Quick Maths for Year 11 students, we cover important topics such as revision and potential future careers.

Students will have the chance to read about other young people’s experiences beyond GCSE and share their tips and tricks on how to navigate post-16 maths.

We recommend giving Year 11 Students this issue either in January or after their mock exams, whichever comes first.

All issues can be downloaded as a PDF and either be printed out or sent out via email to your students.

We also have our SUMS (Steps to University for Mathematical Students) Magazine, a monthly magazine for Year 12 and Year 13 students. Find out more here.

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