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If you feel that the disruption of the last few years has meant that students have missed out on engaging with mathematics more widely, then you are not alone! The most common request of the AMSP from schools over the last few months is for enrichment events. Enrichment sessions provide the perfect opportunity to not only provide students with an engaging and enjoyable mathematical experience but also provide subtle encouragement to consider studying A Level Mathematics.

Over the next couple of months there are many Year 10 Maths Feasts happening across the country. These are fun educational challenges that test problem-solving and teamwork skills. If you haven’t signed up to your nearest event yet, we recommend you do so quickly as places are limited!

Whilst Maths Feasts are large events for multiple schools, the AMSP also works with schools across Yorkshire to provide bespoke events for individual schools. Schools are free to choose what type of event best suits their students. Some examples of what we have run this year include enrichment sessions on topics such as Graph Theory, Quadratics and Combinatorics, UKMT practice, as well as team quizzes. The topics we cover often involve very little prior knowledge and are designed to promote problem solving and expand students’ understanding of what mathematics is. These sessions also build confidence and provide information around A Level Mathematics, both implicitly during the session and explicitly by providing post-16 option information. Schools often find this most useful for Year 10 students, but it is possible with any year group. The students we have worked with so far have found the sessions both fun and informative.

We strongly recommend you contact your local Area Coordinator to discuss organising a local event for your students. We look forward to hearing from you!

by Ian Young

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