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Hazel Santineer, AC for Brighton & Hove, East Sussex and West Sussex

The AMSP offers many opportunities for professional development in GCSE, Core Maths, AS/A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics. These programmes may be available at a location near you, alternatively there are a number of on-line courses. Simply click on the “Teachers” tab at the top of the AMSP website and follow the links to the relevant area! Many of our events are free and carry subsidies for teachers attending from state schools and colleges.

Our recent mechanics PD day in Sussex welcomed Sue de Pomerai and Jeff Trim to provide a number of simple-to-set-up practical ideas for mechanics lessons, ranging from simply feeling and recognising the forces acting on yourself in various positions, to frictional forces and motion on an inclined plane.

Following the success of another very interesting day, The Large Data Set: Making lessons meaningful will run in Portsmouth on 2nd July.

The suite of Raising Confidence courses in GCSE mathematics has helped teachers to plan lessons where they use puzzles, games and challenges to develop mathematical competencies and logical thinking in their students. Following the success of their initial autumn 2018 run, a new course, Raising Confidence with Technology, has been added to the suite and is well worth attending. It will give you great ideas to share with the rest of your team too. If you are looking for a particular course but cannot find it, please speak to your Area Coordinator who will help you to locate a suitable course or arrange one if there is sufficient demand.

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