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Kristin Coldwell, AC for Bedfordshire, Luton, Milton Keynes and Norfolk

15 teachers from 10 schools around Norwich gathered at Taverham High School for a day of professional development on the statistics elements of the new A level specification. The day began with a look at the large data sets and some ideas of technology that could be used in teaching. Delegates considered significance and hypothesis testing in the context of binomial and Normal distributions, trying out group activities to reinforce the concepts and experimenting with graphic calculators and advanced scientific calculators to solve problems. The day finished with a session on conditional probability in more and less realistic situations.

  • “Informative slides and presentation. Nice resources and activities.”
  • “Good overview of the more complex areas of statistics.”
  • “Useful advice and examples. Use of the calculator to support teaching.”
  • “Found out about software I didn’t know about. New ideas for teaching given and useful information regarding the Large Data Set.”
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