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Dr Chris Luke, AC for Northamptonshire and Rutland

Problem solving has moved to a central position in GCSE Maths. This presents a challenge to some teachers: Where can teachers find a good range of suitable maths problems? How can they create good problems? What’s the best way to teach problem solving?

In December, teachers gathered at Brooke Weston Academy in Corby for a one-day event to discuss these matters. Led by Cath Moore and Liz Price from the AMSP, teachers were asked to reflect on problem solving and given theoretical underpinnings of this important element of maths education. They then practised questioning strategies to improve students’ performance and confidence.

Feedback from the event was uniformly excellent, with teachers agreeing that discussing problem solving with the AMSP’s experts and with each other being particularly valuable. This event was the second event of a planned three-part series. The third event, which will focus on the transition to higher level maths, will take place at Brooke Weston Academy on 7 February. There are still places left, so please come along.

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