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Luciano Rila, AC for Brent, Camden, City of London, Hammersmith and Fulham, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea and Westminster

Preparation for the STEP papers requires considerable dedication and a shift in the way students approach problems. In addition to our teacher professional development courses, which prepare teaching for the university entrance exams, the AMSP also offers STEP courses to support students in their preparation.

At UCL, we offer two courses every year – a STEP 1 course open to any Year 13 student preparing for the STEP 1 paper or just interested in improving their problem solving skills, and a STEP 2 and 3 course for students with a university offer involving STEP 2 and/or STEP 3. These are ten-week courses in the spring term with weekly classes run by very experienced course leaders.

This year we had 20 students in each course. As always, students worked very hard, got stuck, persevered, got frustrated but slowly progressed through the challenges presented by the course. It is great to see how much the cohorts have developed during just a few weeks and how the course becomes a place where like-minded students meet to learn together.

Some very kind feedback includes:

  • “Luciano’s teaching is by far the best maths teaching I’ve encountered.”
  • “The leader and both PhD students were always very helpful and often had lots of useful suggestions and advice.”

We are running An Introduction to STEP Mathematics, a one-day professional development course at UCL on July 3rd.

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