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Sheila Eastwood, AC for Calderdale, Kirklees, South/East Leeds and Wakefield

The STEP examination is required by the Universities of Cambridge and Warwick for some maths-based courses, while some other universities also recommend it. The examination assesses the student’s ability to apply mathematical knowledge in novel and unfamiliar ways. Questions are longer than at A level, and demand persistence and insight.

Year 13 problem solving classes are due to begin at the central library in Halifax on alternate Tuesdays from the middle of November. Students work on problems, including STEP questions, from a range of topics, such as Integers, Sequences and Series, Induction, Curve Sketching and Coordinate Geometry. In October, 39 Year 13 students began weekly classes to prepare for the STEP examination in 2019, tutored by Doctor Lionel Elliott at Leeds University.

28 Year 12 students began attending fortnightly problem-solving classes at Leeds University at the beginning of November with Dr Ruth Holland. These sessions are for students who want to develop their skills in problem solving, proof and communication in mathematics, and they provide an opportunity to explore maths beyond the standard curriculum. Working in groups is encouraged and students tackle some challenging mathematics problems, where they are expected to think about how they write and present their solutions.  

Further information about the classes can be obtained from Sheila Eastwood by emailing [email protected].

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