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When I started teaching Mechanics many years ago, I taught it similarly to how I had been taught. I chose examples to demonstrate techniques that did the job but were boring for me and probably my students too. I then had the opportunity to attend a professional development day with Ted Graham on using simple, effective practical strategies to introduce and develop the concepts in A Level Mechanics. This transformed my teaching of mechanics and enabled my students to experience the ideas needed for mechanics in a practical way before applying the mathematical models to represent the situations.

Many years later, I continue to have the opportunity to work with Ted, who recently delivered a Practical Mechanics in the A Level classroom course at the Met Office in Exeter. The setting was amazing, with Met Office staff available to talk about the work of the Met Office and their outreach work.

Teachers attending spent the day using simple, practical work covering all aspects of mechanics in the A Level Maths curriculum. They left enthusiastically, with many practical, easy-to-implement ideas they can use with students and lots of resources.

Ted will deliver the same course on Tuesday 7 November at the Met Office.

If you would like to see how you can introduce simple, practical work into your lessons to transform your teaching of mechanics, make it more enjoyable for you and your students, and for them to develop a deeper understanding of the subject, then join us on 7 November for the Practical Mechanics in the A Level classroom course and many resources and practical ideas.

by Margaret Harding

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