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By booking any PD event offered by the AMSP you are agreeing to all terms and conditions associated with the event.

Event booking

Please review all the information you submit in respect of your booking.  By submitting a booking or registration form you confirm that all the information you submit is accurate, true and complete.

We will send you an email or other written acknowledgement confirming that we have received your request. We reserve the right to reject any booking request we receive.

Cancellation – fully funded events

You may cancel your place at a fully funded event at any stage but we would appreciate as much notice as possible of such a cancellation so that we retain the opportunity to offer your place to another participant.

Please note that event attendance is normally a requirement for professional development subsidies to be paid; please check the arrangements for your event for further details.

We reserve the right to refuse further applications from schools/colleges whose teachers repeatedly fail to notify us that they will not be attending or cancel too close to the date of the event for their place to be reallocated.

Cancellation – events which are fee paying

You may cancel your place at the event, provided you do so within the time frame set for that event. Full details can be found on the application form for your event and/or the confirmation of booking email. To enquire about arrangements for cancellation please contact the administration team for the event or email [email protected].

Cancellations meeting the requirements above will not be invoiced. Please note that event attendance is normally a requirement for professional development subsidies to be paid; please check the arrangements for your event for further details.

Transfer of application to another person

In some circumstances, it may be possible to transfer your application for an event to another person, normally a person also employed at the same school or college. Please contact the administration team for the event, or [email protected] as soon as possible to request such a transfer: We reserve the right to refuse a transfer if it is not practical to action. Places on sustained courses are never transferable. Any professional development subsidies are not normally transferable but please enquire with the course lead should this be relevant to you.

Cancellation or postponement by the AMSP

Events are subject to cancellation or postponement at our discretion, including where an event is under-subscribed. If the event is cancelled, we will refund any event fees paid as soon as possible.  If the event is postponed, delegates may be able to transfer their enrolment to the rearranged event/course.

If the time, date, venue or content of the event is changed after your booking, you will be notified and given the option to cancel your booking and request a refund.  We shall not be liable for any additional loss, travel expenses, teacher release or damage resulting from such cancellation.

Training Materials and other resources (Intellectual Property)

Copyright and all other intellectual property rights for all training materials shall remain the property of MEI. You agree not to sell or hire training materials (in whole or in part) and not to use such materials except for the purposes of post-event reference.  You may use learning resources provided during the event to support your teaching following the event. You agree not to audio or video record an event or any part of an event using any recording device (unless specifically agreed with the course leader). Any access to MEI’s online learning platform, Integral, provided as part of the event is subject to Integral’s terms and conditions; this includes but is not limited to the statement:

“Except to the extent such activities are expressly agreed by the parties … your rights to benefit from the Content does not permit you, or the Users, to … reproduce, publish, distribute, redistribute, broadcast, transmit, modify, adapt, edit, abstract, create derivative works of, store, archive, display in a public setting (not including your own school/college), sell, upload to a shared portal/intranet/any other website; or in any way otherwise commercially exploit any part of the Content”

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