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Jean Smith, AC for East Riding of Yorkshire, City of Kingston upon Hull, North Yorkshire and York

A professional development day exploring GCSE topics was held at the Freedom Centre, Hull on 24 June. The event was aimed at teachers who hadn’t previously taught the new topics in the Higher GCSE. The topics covered were from the Reasoning and Proof and Functions and Graphs parts of the specification. 10 teachers from across the Yorkshire and Humber region attended this course.

There was lots of time allocated to using and discussing resources available for the topics as well as demonstrating GeoGebra files which would be useful as teaching aides. All the teachers felt that the aims of the course had been met and were now more confident about teaching the new topics. If you have not attended our GCSE Raising Confidence or Discover courses, which are running nationally in the autumn term, you will find these really interesting and there may be one in your region.

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