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The beginning of Year 13 is a stressful time for our sixth-formers as they work through their UCAS applications. For Oxbridge candidates, it is even more stressful given their early deadlines. By the time they complete their UCAS applications, Oxford candidates turn their attention to the MAT entrance exam which takes place in the first week after half-term.

Every year in October, the AMSP offers a series of four lectures at UCL in preparation for the Oxford MAT paper. It’s an opportunity to get expert advice, work on some past paper questions with other students, and learn problem solving strategies tailored to the exams.

We had some fantastic feedback from students attending the lectures:

  • “Very good for boosting problem solving skills a few weeks before the MAT exam.”
  • “Very, very helpful and will definitely improve my score.”
  • “Problem solving is hard to teach. Especially hard to learn. I learnt some of it here”

For those aspiring to Cambridge, our STEP courses in the spring term provide similar preparation:

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