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After fantastic feedback, our free SUMS (Steps to University for Mathematical Students) Enrichment Day is back for 2023. We’re excited to announce that the event will run across 10 locations in England during the Spring and Summer Terms.

The day aims to encourage more Year 12 female students to consider studying maths or a related subject at university. A fun day where students will work on their problem-solving and collaborative working skills. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to quiz current students about university life and hear from young women who use maths in their jobs, inspiring the next generation. The days will also include a short session demonstrating that all A Level students are able to succeed with university admissions test questions, and the benefits of doing so.

If your students have been reading our free monthly web magazine, SUMS, this is an excellent opportunity for them to extend the content covered each month in the magazine!

We will be holding SUMS enrichment days at several universities across the country. Please share the link to the event with your students since students need to apply. Priority will be given to students from state-funded schools. These events are designed for students to attend independently, rather than for large school groups. Should the event be oversubscribed, individual and small group applications will be prioritised over large school trips.

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