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We are delighted to announce that our comprehensive sustained courses for 2020 are now open for bookings. These popular courses take place over six months and are designed to inspire and support those teaching, or preparing to teach, an AS/A level Mathematics or Further Mathematics qualification.

Each course focuses on developing subject knowledge and pedagogy through a combination of face-to-face study days and online tutorials and support. There are various courses available to book depending on each individual teacher’s needs.

All courses begin early in 2020.

The course fees for sustained courses are fully reimbursed for teachers working in state-funded schools and colleges, with additional subsidies available to those working in schools and colleges in Priority Areas.

Teaching Further Mathematics 1 (TFM1)

London, Leeds and Coventry

This course aims to support your teaching of AS/A level Further Mathematics. TFM1 covers at least the pure material common to all AS level Further Mathematics specifications.

Teaching Mechanics

Our Teaching Mechanics courses aim to support you in mastering mechanics principles and developing teaching approaches.

Teaching Statistics

Our Teaching Statistics courses aim to develop your understanding of statistics as a problem-solving discipline.

Teaching Discrete Mathematics

Our Teaching Discrete Mathematics courses aim to support you with the application of optimisation procedures to a wide range of problems.

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