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We are pleased to announce the return of our Core Maths Summer Conferences this year.

Suitable for all current and aspiring teachers of Core Maths, these one-day conferences focus on the planning, teaching and learning of the subject. This year, there will be a particular focus on personal finance and how Core Maths relates to careers and life beyond the classroom. Delegates will have the opportunity to network with teachers from other schools and colleges, and are encouraged to share resources and ideas. We will also demonstrate our free online Core Maths platform and share activities that link the Core Maths curriculum with careers.

We are delighted that we will be joined by either Tom CrawfordRob Eastaway or Zoe Griffiths at each of the conferences, who will be delivering engaging keynote plenaries on a range of topics, such as the maths behind fake news, ping-pong balls on the Titanic and ‘real-world’ maths questions.

All content of the 2020 conferences is new so those who have previously attended one of our Core Maths conferences are encouraged to attend alongside first-time delegates. Our Core Maths Summer Conferences for 2020 are taking place across England in June 2020. You can view more information and register for a conference on our website.

These conferences are free of charge. Schools and colleges located within a Priority Area are eligible to receive a further subsidy of £250 to support staff cover and travel costs. Please visit our subsidies page for more information.

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