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Due to the success and popularity of our online MAT and TMUA problem-solving classes last year, we will be offering six weekly 2-hour sessions starting on 5 and 6 September for any Year 13 students sitting the MAT and/or TMUA exams in October.

The seventh session is on interview practice, which takes place a couple of weeks after the exams take place. The students will get the opportunity to work together, solving various problems in small breakout groups and discussing how they can approach challenging problems. The classes are mainly designed to get the students to articulate their mathematical thinking in preparation for potential interviews. As tutors, it was really rewarding to see how your students progressed with this aspect of the course last year.

TMUA start date is 18 October, and the deadline to register is 29 September
MAT start date is 19 October, and the deadline to register is 29 September

All the students that gave feedback said they would recommend the course:

“Everything was amazing – the course gave me additional insights into starting the more difficult problems”.

We are running two online classes to prepare students for MAT/TMUA examinations:

Tuesday classes – 5 September, 4pm and 6pm
Wednesday classes – 6 September, 4pm and 6pm

This course is also suitable as initial preparation for students intending to sit one of the STEP or AEA papers in the summer of 2024.

by Chris Savage and Ian Clarke

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