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In September 2022 our online teacher network, for teachers across Lincolnshire, North Lincolnshire and North East Lincolnshire, had our first meeting of the year. Online network meetings are mainly delegate-led and the focus of each meeting is decided by the demand from teachers that attend. Teachers are able to share ideas, resources, strategies, and plans; as well as being updated on the AMSP support currently available.

For our first network session, we met to review the A level Maths papers from summer 2022. We were fortunate to have Pietro Tozzi, an exam board trainer with Pearson, to guide us through the questions that caused students problems and how the marks were awarded. Delegates took advantage of the opportunity to share their thoughts with fellow colleagues from other schools and colleges and discussed how best to respond in the year ahead. The session was also a great opportunity for teachers to share experiences and ask questions which led to the chat window in zoom being a rich source of discussion.

Whilst Teacher Networks will always have a specific focus, they tend to be relatively informal gatherings and there will usually be scope for attendees to raise their own items for discussion. Network meetings tend to be in the region of 60 – 90 minutes long and are generally held three or four times a year. Our networks are there to support teachers, and we enjoy hearing from you and the support that you give to each other.

As an area coordinator for the AMSP, my job is to support your school, your students and you throughout the academic year. The enrichment and learning resources along with the professional development that we offer provide a range of opportunities designed to support your needs as a teacher and those of your students.

By Dave Tuhey

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