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We’re pleased to announce that we’re still running Maths Feasts, though they may look slightly different this year. We’ll be serving National Online Maths Feasts and regional Live Online Maths Feasts.

Our Maths Feasts are fun educational challenges open to students in Year 10 who are hungry to work on their mathematical and teamwork skills. On the menu is an all-you-can-eat feast of maths challenges designed to test students’ communication and problem-solving skills. If your students already have an appetite, they can get practicing with resources and materials from previous Maths Feasts on the AMSP website.

Both types of Maths Feasts will provide you with brilliant materials that will enrich your students, and support and embed the learning that you’re doing with them. You could use the materials in a number of ways, such as:

  • during lessons, perhaps putting your students in groups to support their communication skills
  • setting up your own class-wide or year-wide competition
  • for engaging homework tasks.

Booking your virtual table at an national online Feast will give you the opportunity to run your own Feast in school if you have students in, however students can still engage with materials from home through their remote learning, as materials will be sent to you electronically before the event.

Participating in a regional live online Feast will enable your team to attend remotely ‘alongside’ other schools in your local area.

All of our Maths Feasts are completely free to enter, and are planned to run from February to April 2021. You can view more information and RSVP to a national or regional online Maths Feast on the AMSP website.

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