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At the end of the summer term, over 1000 Year 9 students participated in our first Online Competition week! The focus of this was to provide further opportunities for students to improve their problem solving skills. We have followed this up with some more sessions in November and into December.

Schools across Yorkshire and the Humber joined us virtually to compete against one another in a series of challenges. Students work at their own pace through the problems set on Desmos and additional questions are asked live, with students entering their answers via a poll. This part of the session is exciting as students can see the answers coming in real time and could see how many of the teams are getting them correct.

Here is a sample of the types of questions students had to work on in the summer:  

A farmer went to market and bought pigs and rabbits. Pigs cost £3 and rabbits were 50p.  The farmer bought 100 animals for £100.  How many of each animal did she get?

To ensure the challenges are accessible for all, there is a choice of DESMOS tasks – ‘Foundation’ and ‘Higher’. These materials are available to any school that would like to use the challenge with their students. Additionally, we can organise a bespoke competition for your school, at a time to suit you. 

Bookings are still open for our ‘Live Online Year 9 Competitions‘ taking place over the next week.

For further details please contact your local AC.

By Avril McLeer

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