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In the summer term, the AMSP North West regional team redelivered its successful North West Further Maths Conference. The conference examined the key concepts in common core and selected options for A level Further Mathematics. The sessions included a range of approaches, a wide variety of resources, and ways of embedding technology and the overarching themes of problem solving and modelling.

The North West Further Maths Conference was aimed at teachers who were relatively new to teaching Further Mathematics, and wanted to refresh their knowledge and broaden their use of activities and teaching ideas. Covering the content in short sessions meant that the pace could seem quite fast, and those teachers who were completely unfamiliar with the content might have considered booking onto one of the AMSP’s sustained courses instead.

The team delivered twelve sessions, including new sessions on Higher Level Problem Solving and Mechanics – year 2, and there were approximately 150 applications across the twelve sessions.

The new Mechanics – year 2 session, for example, covered the key topics of elastic potential energy, and both horizontal and vertical motion. Key questions were asked about modelling a bungee jump, backed up by an excellent GeoGebra file. They also looked at the subtleties of vertical circular motion, using another GeoGebra file.

The AMSP North West regional team will be redelivering this conference in the autumn term, and you’re welcome to search for this and other upcoming events on the AMSP events page.

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