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Teachers from across the county attended an information day at the Kinesis Centre in Norwich on 26th November.

The aim of the day was to provide clear information to enable us to support our students in understanding the mathematical expectations that universities have of the students applying for their courses. We were given a detailed insight into the widening variety of other admissions tests that include content, or complete papers, from one of the maths tests and this provided one focus for discussion. The advice on how we might be expected to support other departments where students will not be applying to study maths was particularly useful.

The course allowed for an in-depth discussion about how different universities view and use admissions tests and how they are increasingly seen as beneficial in preparing students wishing to study degrees with high mathematical content. Many universities that do not actively require students to take admissions tests are showing greater interest and are offering reduced grades for those who choose to study for them and do well.

We looked at problems from a number of different tests as well as questions from other sources, with the focus of using them as a resource in our own classrooms. Many of these questions are ideal for use in developing the problem-solving skills of our students, regardless of whether they intend to take a test. We left the day in agreement that we are better equipped to support all of our students.

The AMSP offers a range of courses to teachers to help them support their students with preparation for tests and with problem solving. This offering includes further opportunities to attend this course, as well as free online courses.

The AMSP also works to support students directly with their preparation, including offering problem-solving courses for Year 12 and 13 students.

Details can be found on our website or please contact your Area Coordinator.

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