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Sheila Eastwood, AC for Calderdale, Kirklees, South/East Leeds and Wakefield

If you’re currently teaching AS or A level Further Mathematics, or considering teaching it in the future, this course is for you!

An Introduction to Further Pure Mathematics is a one-day professional development course, taking place on Thursday 21 March in Leeds. We will support teachers that have not previously taught Further Mathematics, but the course is also suitable for teachers who have just started the qualification and are looking for ideas to incorporate into their teaching.

The course covers key topics that are common to the AS Further Mathematics specifications for all examination boards, such as Complex Numbers, and provides an opportunity for teachers who are new to teaching Further Mathematics to begin to explore core concepts and ideas for teaching.

Our two tutors have extensive experience of delivering Further Mathematics professional development. You will have a stimulating day developing your subject knowledge, gaining teaching ideas, and becoming much more confident in the classroom. You can explore the full details in our event description.

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