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MEI has launched a new free online course designed to prepare teachers to help their students achieve an A* in A level Mathematics. This is being offered as part of Imperial College’s mA*ths programme, which aims to help students in state-funded schools and colleges achieve a top grade in A level Mathematics. The programme has been developed in partnership with MEI, and this exciting online course is being made freely available for state-funded schools and colleges through the MEI-managed Advanced Mathematics Support Programme (AMSP).

Launched by Imperial in January this year, the mA*ths programme provides tailored online support alongside face-to-face masterclasses and study days for students, plus online professional development for teachers. MEI has developed the resources for the online courses and runs the programme’s study days for students. You can find out more about the programme via Imperial’s website.

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Many top universities ask for A* grades in A level Mathematics to secure a place on STEM degree courses. However, students from state-funded schools and colleges are less likely to achieve an A* grade than their counterparts in the fee-paying sector, despite proportionately fewer students studying for an A level in Mathematics.

This teacher course focuses on several topics from the Year 12 content and provides high quality, practical professional development in teaching the higher-level mathematical reasoning and problem solving characteristic of an A* grade. This complements the Year 12 student course launched by Imperial College in January 2019. Imperial is due to launch its Year 13 student course later this year, and this will be followed in 2020 by MEI’s online teacher professional development for Year 13 content.

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