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Several new courses in our On Demand Professional Development (ODPD) range have recently opened for applications. All ODPD courses enable self-paced learning, meaning you can continue your professional development at your convenience. 

The following courses are now available for teachers from state-funded schools and colleges to sign-up to:

  • Preparing your students for STEP – designed to support teachers who will work with students taking STEP (Sixth Term Examination Papers). Comprised of nine ‘pods’, the course will introduce teachers to all the main aspects of STEP.
  • Spreadsheets and the Large Data Set – designed to support teachers with using spreadsheets in their work with the large data set for A level Maths. Comprised of four ‘pods’, the course will explore how spreadsheets can be used in statistics teaching and develop confidence.

Our innovative self-paced courses allow teachers to study at their own speed, accessing online lessons and resources when convenient. Teachers are supported via collaborative forums, where they can share ideas with a course leader and fellow participants.

Access lasts for a whole year, meaning teachers can adapt their learning to fit alongside the demands of everyday life. Signing up is flexible, too – all ODPD courses are there to join whenever you need them. 

These new ODPD courses join two titles that opened in late 2018:

  • Preparing your students for the MAT and the TMUA – designed to support teachers who will work with students taking the MAT (Maths Admissions Tests) and the TMUA (Tests of Mathematics for University Admission). The course comprises 11 ‘pods’, each covering either a specific method which features in these tests or an overarching concept. It will also be useful for teachers wanting to extend their problem-solving skills.
  • GeoGebra in the Maths Classroom – designed to support teachers with using GeoGebra across a wide range of contexts in the maths classroom. Methods are particularly applicable to A level but can illuminate a wider range of maths. The course comprises 4 ‘pods’, each covering an element of GeoGebra’s functionality.
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