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I am really happy to be joining the West Midlands regional team to cover Fiona’s maternity cover. I expect I should introduce myself! My name is Rose Jewell, and I am a lifelong teacher with experience in schools and sixth form colleges. I am a Teacher Adviser for Casio UK and I am preparing material for their education team. I have done some writing for Hodder Education – I have a new book in production at the moment, and another to work on over the summer. I have been an examiner for OCR for many years, working on MEI papers.

I am also a musician – playing the piano and running the village choir. Last year, I completed the Walk 1000 Miles challenge with hours to spare on New Year’s Eve. I am on target so far to complete it again! I am learning German with Duolingo too. I am looking forward to the time when I can fly out to see family in Melbourne and Berlin.

By Rose Jewell

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