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Alexandra Hewitt, AC for Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire

On 8 November, 14 teachers arrived at Sir William Ramsay School in Hazlemere, High Wycombe, to think about using the Large Data Sets to enhance their teaching of statistics. We tried to move away from “how we teach the LDS” to focus on “how do we teach using the LDS”. Two lessons were presented, making significant use of technology, and teachers then started to plan their own lessons using a different LDS. One of the most encouraging outcomes from the day was how quickly the delegates were able to plan effective lessons once they had taken that first step and made a start. They left enthused and inspired to embed the Large Data Sets into their teaching.

One of the lessons created has been included, together with the two presentation lessons, in the BOM Textbook Light Problem Solving Scheme of Work, featured on the Oxfordshire Mathematics Community website. This amazing resource was created by teachers in Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Milton Keynes, and is well worth a look. It covers the whole of the new A level Mathematics specifications, with creative lesson ideas and links to fantastic resources from a range of websites. Everything you need brought together in one place, and fully editable so that you can adjust it to your own situation.

Our next half day CPD is on Monday 21 January 2019 at John Colet School in Wendover, and focuses on making links across the mathematics curriculum, in particular between Pure Mathematics and Mechanics.

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