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In the South region, we run many Teacher Networks, some with a focus on professional development, and others that provide a chance to chat with teachers to find out what’s happening in other schools in your local area.

The South regional team have hosted a few online meetings this academic year. All of which, so far, have focused on how things are going back in school. We have had some lively discussions about the ‘new normal’ and how teachers are coping in the classroom, as well as sharing practice that teachers have found to work within some of the limitations of socially distant classrooms. One of the discussions centred around the use of mini whiteboards and visualisers to help with feedback from students when teachers are restricted on their movement around the room.

Our networks are there to support teachers, and we enjoy hearing from you and the support that you give to each other.

Upcoming networks in the South, which will all be held online, are:

  • Mayfield Teacher Network Thursday 12 November 2020.This network will feature Rebuilding Resilience in the Mathematics classroom led by Adrian Hall, who has run this popular session at Teacher Networks in other regions.
  • Coffee and Pi Oxfordshire Teacher Network Tuesday 17 November 2020. This network will feature a presentation on Large Data Sets through a project on migration.
  • Little Heath Teacher Network Wednesday 18 November 2020. This network will focus on Raising Participation in A level Mathematics, A level Further Mathematics, and Core Maths, with guest speaker Rachel Beddoes who leads on girls participation for MEI.
  • Slough and Windsor Teacher Network Tuesday 24 November 2020. This network features a mechanics professional development session with a focus on forces led by Toby Rome, who is the mechanics lead tutor for the AMSP’s Teaching Mechanics sustained course.
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