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First, there was wordle (and I still do this most days), but as a mathematician, that and many of the other word-based daily challenges have fallen by the wayside and made way for an array of maths ones.
Here are my recommendations for daily maths challenges that you can try for yourself.


The wordle equivalent with eight daily games and counting. I had initially stuck to only the “Classic” puzzle, but now I do the lot which takes an average of about 15 minutes to complete.

Nerdle website


A daily numbers puzzle (five to do) is much like “Countdown” but with some straightforward ones to begin, which makes it great as it makes it accessible for all abilities – a nice warm up to Countle.

Digits website


It’s more like the traditional Countdown show; sometimes, I get stumped on these. There is currently no streak feature, so I sometimes perhaps give up on these a bit prematurely!

Countle website

Digit Party

A new addition but quick to play and madly addictive!

Digit Party website

There is also a lot of maths involved which is nicely described here:

This little lot collectively takes up to about 30 mins of my day, but think it is a pretty good daily habit to have.

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